Here are popular songs that best suits the characters from Turkey, CA.


‘’’Character’’’ ‘’’Song’’’ ‘’’Artist’’’ ‘’’Reason’’’
Manny Galilei Apologize Grandson Because he roasted his childhood bully.
Harry Newton Help The Beatles Because he helps out The Kiditeam at times.
Robin Hawking Fighter Christina Aguilera Because he is the strongest of the team.
Tony Oppenheimer Jr. Happy Pharrell Williams Because he is always cheerful.
Dark Man Know Your Enemy Green Day Because he is the Kiditeam’s archnemesis.
Sue Galilei Larger than Life Backstreet Boys Because she is a adventourous teenager.
Izzy Crazy Gnarls Barkley Because she is out of her mind.
Edward Galilei Genius (Remix) LSD ft. Lil Wayne Because he has a 190 IQ.
Amber Bring Me to Life Evanescence Because she is dark and stuff.
Dark Bots Windows XP Intro Because they’re like a computer.
Mayor of Turkey Oh Turkey, We Love Thee from “The Mayoral Election Because he is the Mayor of Turkey.
Jimmy Cool Alesso ft. Roy English Because he is a cool and chill dude.
Nugget Sweet But Psycho Ava Max Because it was all psychological in the episode of the same name.

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