‘’’The Bauernfeind’s house’’’ is the home of the Bauernfeind family. It is one of the main locations of the show “Daniel.” It is located on 102 Weichers Avenue on Ronkonkoma, NY.


The front yard of the house has two bushes at the front of the house, an American flag and a parking lot for the cars and the camper. The backyard has the shed, a swimming pool, a swingset, monkey bars and a slide. The basement is red colored and is below the window of the kitchen.


The living room has a couch and a TV and the wall is colored yellow. It also has Eli’s bed. The kitchen has an oven, a sink, a fridge, a microwave and a dining room table. Daniel’s room has a blue colored wall, a TV, a bed and the attic. Mom and Dad’s room has a TV, a bed and an alarm clock. Ayla’s room has a pink colored wall, a TV, a bed and a closet that will make Ayla interact with Daniel between rooms. The laundry room has a washing machine and a drying machine and also features ordinary objects like a lamp and bug spray. The bathroom has a shower, a sink and a toilet.



  • Most of the series.
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